death by Breaking Dawn Pt.2


It’s me.

And no – my absence is not due to death by Breaking Dawn Pt.2 although, in all honesty, that vamp sex leg tangle may have been the very near death of my existence.

I mean woah.

There’s a gif circulating. I don’t dare use it because I’d rather not end up in prison. I really can’t pull off orange. And I’m fairly certain that detachment from my iphone and Macbook would probably result in me handing over my sanity.

So no. I won’t post that gif but let’s say I haven’t gotten that excited about limb twisting since this happened last year.

where are my vampire diaries people at?

But in all honesty.

I’m saving my full Breaking Dawn 2 FEELINGS review for Friday but I will tell you this. Contrary to popular opinion (which seems to be on the fence or negative) I actually LOVED the vamp sex and I’m pretty sure it just about did me in.

Basically me but Stitch is much cuter.


This post is all to say – hi. I haven’t forgotten about you all. And I cannot WAIT to talk BD2.

I just want to properly convey all thoughts, feelings, flails, face palms (there were some – it IS a Twilight movie after all) and general feelings of intense emotions -> there were a lot of those.


One more very important thing. Show of hands. IF I were to pick up a copy of this Canadian Exclusive magazine with a wicked feature on Rob and Kristen (we Canadians just love them so much, eh) how many of you would be interested in another giveaway?

Leave a comment. Tweet me.  Send a carrier pigeon. And say – hey! That’d be awesome! And if I get a good enough response – there will be a giveaway on here before Christmas. Unless you are all sick of giveaways. Then the people will have spoken. Or not spoken. Whatever.

Cool? Cool.

See you all Friday!

C xx


And so it begins

This post is going to be the definition of QUICK.

Why? Because in the next week I have more things to get done than I physically know how to get done.

If you’re curious. Just imagine combining 70 hours of work + 2 halloween parties + packing for New York City + eating and sleeping into this image your conjuring up in your head and then me just being all:


The good news is – I get to be in New York City when all of this finally gets accomplished.

The bad news is – I may be mentally incompetent by then. But that’s cool.

BUT in the meantime. BD2 (yes time is precious to I’m just aptly referring to it as BD2) promo tour has started and all I need to say for this post is two things.

1. HOW.

I am traveling next week and there is NO way I will look this good after three hours of flying LET ALONE a cross pacific flight.


2. HOW.

WHEN did Rob become a MAN and all hotter than ever?


No but really. I mean. Of course he IS a man. He’s been a man for awhile. But I just – lately? He just oozes manly sex appeal like never before and I honestly don’t think my body can withstand it.

So I just choose not to and stare at this photo and versions of it over and over and over….




Ahem. I apologize for the lack of literary content or proper use of vocabulary in this post but let’s face it – I’m brain fried but needed to flail. And I needed to flail with all of you. So that’s that. I will try and post prior to leaving for NYC. Try being operative word. If you were MIA last week – you may not have heard that my @takemetobliss twitter account went into lock down. If you haven’t done so already – send me a follow request and we’ll be back in business in no time! Mad because you wanted to stay a creeper? Good Riddance Creeper. #kidding but #notreally


Paris Je T’aime

I’ve never been to Paris but I hear it’s magical.

And Paris has always been good to us fans of Rob and Kristen.

I mean – I don’t know about the rest of you but I still remember where I was when I heard about this epic moment in Paris.

Let’s all have a collective sigh as we remember that moment.

Paris is Love. Paris is Beauty.

And major love was had for Kristen’s beauty this past week in Paris where she attended Paris Fashion Week.



I’m not only going to share some of the hotness that was the amazing Kristen Stewart in Paris. I’m going to share in love by giving ALL of you (yes – if you live on Planet Earth I’m talking about you) the chance to win your own copy of Elle Canada featuring Kristen.

She may not be on the cover but trust me – you want  a copy of this magazine.

And at the end of this post I’m going to tell you how you can win a copy to call your own.

But first.


I don’t think anyone has ever looked better in yellow. I really don’t.

Kristen dominated Paris Fashion Week. She represented at the Balenciaga show and after party with two killer outfits that none of us could even remotely pull off as equally amazing as her ever. Because she’s Kristen and she’s just awesome like that. I’m sure she smelt great too. I mean, I haven’t been blessed enough to sample her Florabotanica (Macy’s in Hawaii failed to have it) but a) if it was inspired by Kristen it’s probably amazing and b) those close to me have and I guess it’s just beyond pretty.

Is pretty a scent? Let’s just say it is for arguments sake.

Kristen is pretty. Therefore anything made to represent her must smell pretty. #LOGIC

Second. Every time I think her hair can’t get any prettier. It does.

No but really. Kristen. Please be calling me with details on her hair regimen. I need to be replicating it. Yesterday.

And then as if she didn’t look beautiful enough sitting front row alongside Anna Wintour (oh right – I forgot to mention that. reason number 193847520484 why KSIBTU) she stepped out looking like this for the Balenciaga after-party.


Paris. It’s magical.

So in keeping with the magic – let’s talk giveaway. 

As mentioned above, if you live on Planet Earth you are eligible to enter this giveaway. If you don’t live on Planet Earth, that’s actually pretty cool so you can still enter to win. If you do, it may just take a bit longer to get to you as I will obviously have to get in touch with NASA and something tells me they’ll be QUITE eager to get in contact with you. I’m sure they’ll pass the magazine along.

Entry is simple. Leave a comment and a way to reach you. That can mean email or twitter. Edward was a mindreader. I’m not.

If you want to get all crazy and enter twice (because Elle Canada is just that amazing – did I mention the interview is perfect?) you can do so by tweeting the following:

Because Kristen is pretty & Elle Canada was epic – @takemetobliss is giving away a copy to a lucky reader over @

Tweet that and consider yourself twice as lucky.

Giveaway ends on Tuesday October 9th at midnight EST. May the odds be ever in your favour.

For those of you with hook ups who may already have a copy in your possession – be a doll and tweet a shout out to the giveaway or two! I’ll love you forever and send you french kisses! xo