death by Breaking Dawn Pt.2


It’s me.

And no – my absence is not due to death by Breaking Dawn Pt.2 although, in all honesty, that vamp sex leg tangle may have been the very near death of my existence.

I mean woah.

There’s a gif circulating. I don’t dare use it because I’d rather not end up in prison. I really can’t pull off orange. And I’m fairly certain that detachment from my iphone and Macbook would probably result in me handing over my sanity.

So no. I won’t post that gif but let’s say I haven’t gotten that excited about limb twisting since this happened last year.

where are my vampire diaries people at?

But in all honesty.

I’m saving my full Breaking Dawn 2 FEELINGS review for Friday but I will tell you this. Contrary to popular opinion (which seems to be on the fence or negative) I actually LOVED the vamp sex and I’m pretty sure it just about did me in.

Basically me but Stitch is much cuter.


This post is all to say – hi. I haven’t forgotten about you all. And I cannot WAIT to talk BD2.

I just want to properly convey all thoughts, feelings, flails, face palms (there were some – it IS a Twilight movie after all) and general feelings of intense emotions -> there were a lot of those.


One more very important thing. Show of hands. IF I were to pick up a copy of this Canadian Exclusive magazine with a wicked feature on Rob and Kristen (we Canadians just love them so much, eh) how many of you would be interested in another giveaway?

Leave a comment. Tweet me.  Send a carrier pigeon. And say – hey! That’d be awesome! And if I get a good enough response – there will be a giveaway on here before Christmas. Unless you are all sick of giveaways. Then the people will have spoken. Or not spoken. Whatever.

Cool? Cool.

See you all Friday!

C xx