It’s Been a Long Time

Oh hai.

It’s been a long time. So I will totally understand if you have all flounced me. But I wanted to check in and say a few things.

Ok? Ok.


Let’s start with the obvious problem at hand. The fact that I have been tormented with the constant question in regards to this blog – what happens now?

When this blog first began, well, for starters, it was found over on Blogger. Here to be exact.  It looks so sad over there now. Not updated since December 2011, post Breaking Dawn when we all thought the wait for another year would be hell on earth. And then it went by so fast.

And it’s kind of crazy because looking back at that old blog now – I look at the Must Read fanfics listed on the side bar and it’s kinda of crazy. Master of the Universe. Now 50 Shades of Grey and owning our universe. Emancipation Proclamation. Now Sempre and about to become a movie too. Under the Apple Tree. Still sacred as far as I know. Skip down the line to Edward Wallbanger. Now just “Wallbanger” and a package I’m eagerly awaiting from Amazon.

Funny how times change. And now there’s no new Twilight Saga movie to be excited about.

STILL not sinking in.


true story.

Which is why looking at this blog that I’ve struggled with what to do. It started out as an all things Twilight and Rob & Kristen blog. And I’m determined as hell to keep it as all things Rob & Kristen blog. Because I fucking love those two.

So this is what I’m going to do.

When something epic happens – I hope you will still come by and see what I have to say about it on here. Because guaranteed I will have shit to say.

originalme running off to blog

When an awesome Twi-fic owns everyones life – I will probably talk about it on here.

tumblr_m4lxqqI3eQ1qcctdzme when i’m obsessed with a new fic

When Rob and Kristen win Best Kiss for the 5th time at this year’s MTV Awards – you can bet your ass I will be talking about that shit on here.


So while the times are changing and we’re now going to be in a long filming drought – know that whenever our favorite couple do anything remotely epic – I’ll still be here.

Until then. Here’s just a few things to keep you busy if you so choose.

1) You can still follow all of my crazy fangirl antics at @takemetobliss. Due to my job in the media, I’ve got it on major lockdown so just send a follow request and unless you look like a corporate spy, a client, or a tech journalist – I will approve. Quick hint? I always unlock for Awards shows.

2) I tumble. A lot. And by tumble, I mean tumblr. You can follow all my reblogging over at I realized when I started my new job that I seriously lacked a lot of time to update both blogs (more on the other blog in a minute) so I started using tumblr more to quickly reblog pics. I got totally hooked. Now you will see a lot of Warm Bodies posts. I’m kind of obsessed. But there are still a lot of Rob and Kristen in the mix too.

3) Spreaking of Warm Bodies – if you are a fan, please know that I am attempting (with help from @kate_suena and @megshmegg who are cheering me on) a Warm Bodies one-shot (with potential to turn into more shots lol) If you are interested, keep an eye on my Twitter for the posting/updates.

4) Lastly, I still blog regularly over @ my personal blog found at – while you won’t find Twilight or Fanfic talk over there – you will find movie and book reviews, life rants, and award show live blogging. Next live blog? February 24th for the Oscars. It’s fun and I promise you will enjoy the ride.

That’s all for now. You guys are all amazing and I fucking love you.

Until next time.
C xx


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