When Fic Ruins My Life

So – I don’t have a lot of down time at all for fic anymore.

And it’s not just fic – don’t even get me started on actual books.

This was the last time I read a book:



hint: that’s a beach in Hawaii. Where I was in August.

I would like to go back to there now. And have one of those Kona Brewery Big Wave beers.


BUT yeah.

Fic. Of course – I’m always right on top of anything from @Megschmegg because I’m lucky enough to get to text with this gal on the regular and she pretty much owns me with all her fic. Her Bella’s always the story of my own life it seems.

Another fic author that has owned me for years now? The amazing Rochelle Allison – you may know her as @roglows but yes.

Her fic ruins my life. 



Now. When I say “ruins my life” I mean in every freaking amazing way possible. I rate fic on its level of awesomeness which is – the degree to which the fic ruins my life. 

Because her Edward is always AMAZING. And he ALWAYS ruins men for me because no guy I meet could ever meet the standards I have set thanks to Rochelle. This fic is no exception.

I mean I need a date to a wedding in December. A fake boyfriend would totally suffice. But no.


It’s IMPOSSIBLE when you read fic

And yes.

One Gossip Girl scene summed up my life. I may not live on the Upper East Side but the drama is always just as good – I swear.


The point of this ramble that I’m going to end now because, well, I need to go keep reading this fic is:

If you have NOT read Rise –


Which basically means – GO READ IT NOW.  And then come tell how perfect and awesome and how it’s ruining your life and/or making you resent your husband or boyfriend because they are not Masen.


I want a bodyguard for Christmas now. #thatisall

in the meantime here is hot rob and a toothpick. you’re welcome.



– C xx



One response

  1. This fic RULED MY LIFE every day with its updates! Like, waited with bated breath every time my email dinged with new mail that it would be this. My life is ruined right along side yours. In the most delicious of ways.

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