Dear Whoever

Dear Whoever Created This,

I need you in my life, always. xo

This isn’t so much a post (there will be no discussion, no commentary, no ranting.) Well maybe a little ranting. But really, I just saw that MCA posted this on Twitter and had to share. Because lately – I’ve been in this weird place where I’m so busy and so dedicated that I just don’t have time to handle some craziness that’s unnecessary in my life. It takes very little to make me go ‘OMG STOP. STOP.‘ when people start crazy talking or attempt to waste my time. 

So to whoever created this.

Hi. Can we be besties? Because I need you as well as the person who created this to be in my life always.



Because you just get the voices in my head lately.

C xx

See? I told you this was going to be an insanely short and quick post. But HEY. You know what you should get excited about? The Return of MOO. Confused? Musings on Others – only the most inspirational blog for Kristen and Rob lovers ever created. So stay tuned to her Twitter for all the latest. I’m sure KJ is up to something amazing. xo 


One response

  1. oh you beautiful girl. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE aforementioned ‘FUCK THE POLICE’ pic MCA posted. It is ABSOLUTE perfection and so appropriate for all the [stupidly unnecessary] things happening now. And my god. thank you for your faith and patience for me, with me, around me. I’m trembling and my eyes are darting every which way, but I’ll take cues from you, your poise and grace and keep moving forward. See you soon, beautiful. P.S. ily

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