I want to hold your hand.

I hate to break it to all of you.

But the time has come.

For some of you reading this Wednesday night – you’ve got one more night of restless sleep in anticipation of what’s going down tomorrow.

For those of you reading this on Thursday? THIS IS IT PEOPLE.





Take a moment to digest that.

And while you do – let’s talk the Breaking Dawn Part 2 London Premiere.


Hello Sexy Beautiful People

I was at work during the premiere.

Damn you UK people and your timezone. (I’m kidding – I really love you all.)

But yes –  I was busy working away when this went down but THANKFULLY the amazing Kate ( @kate_suena to some of you ) hooked our group of gals up via What’s App. Because she is having the time of her life in California with @J_Carroll7 while the rest of us our slaves at work (just kidding again – I f’n love my job.)

I don’t have a lot to say other than these two looked AMAZING.

I mean.


Contrary to popular opinion – I’m not a fan of pantsuits or one-pieces. But this outfit? Yes please. It was made to be worn by Kristen.


And Rob? Omfg Rob.


Lastly – and quite frankly most importantly.

This moment? Thank you London.

London we heart you.

And that is all from me for tonight – someone needs to draft my “oh hey I’m a twilight fan” post for my RL blog to explain to the masses why I will both be a recluse this weekend (hello – I plan on hiding out at the theatre ALL weekend) and why I’m depressed.

Because this shit will be happening.

Maybe not with dollar bills. But you know.

Until tomorrow xo





3 responses

  1. Why are you trying to ruin me with all of your posts?? I will never see another Twilight movie for the first time again… *cries all the tears*

    Thanks C!

  2. I was watching this at work (hiding in my cubicle and pretending to type every so often) and I found myself getting emotional when Kristen was talking about how it had taken five years of her life and she was glad to tell the story completely. At that moment I realized how young everyone really was- especially her- when they had first started and just look at how far they’ve come since then. Of course, Kristen, Rob and Taylor looked absolutely amazing; her jumpsuit should never be worn by anyone else ever again because they’ll never do it justice. And that picture of them holding hands? Still can not get over it.

    I’m not seeing the movie until Friday night but I feel like I’ll be bawling from the minute the lights dim until the moment they come back on.

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