9 Cameras

note: as per usual, this is unbeta’d and un-medicated. meaning, I should probably take an ativan or two to deal with my feelings this week but you know, where’s the fun in that. 

disclaimer: i’m totally kidding. i’m gonna need some ativan and wine.

Last night I went into this whole last premiere thing pretty chill.

Basically me.

And it was everything we expected it to be and then some.

Yes. We bitched about the hosts. Yes. We bitched about all the C and D listers we really didn’t care about.

Yes. There were nine fucking cameras but you coulda fooled us.

Yes. Last night was everything we expected it to be – because it was a Twilight premiere. And when has that shit ever gone right?

Lest we forget Anya Marina?

But this.

this made up for everything

I honestly think my heart stopped and my breath caught when I first saw Kristen hit the carpet.

When these instagram shots appeared – I think we all died a little.



Her dress was amazing. 

Her makeup and hair? FLAWLESS.

I mean. UNF.

And then we saw Rob in his dashing green suit.


That lipstick stain on his lips…


my heart can’t handle this. seriously.

These two beautiful people are the same faces we saw walk the carpet years ago and then at the same time, they’re something entirely new.

They’ve evolved into absolute Hollywood stars.


Their chemistry.

Their want.

Their everything.

Last night was two hours of complaining (9 cameras people) and one hour of absolute perfection in the form of the sexiest, most perfect couple on the planet. We laughed. We screamed. We face palmed. We cried.

We did it together.

Since day one, people have come and people have gone. But those of us who were apart of this last night – we’ve always been there. We’ve made it through the good and we’ve made through the bad. Breaking Dawn Part 2 talks about forever?

We’re in this forever.

And other movies will come and go. We’ll get sucked into another franchise. Fall in love with other actors and actresses.

No matter what. We will forever have this.

If it’s forever – I’m glad it’s been with all of you.


Only TWO more posts until go-time. Tomorrow night, we’ll recap tomorrow night’s London premiere. Thursday, I’ll post a quick pre-movie excited post between work and heading to the early pre-screening at 7pm (6:00pm EST) that I’ve scored tickets to thanks to a best friend’s awesome husband. Friday – we talk forever. xo


2 responses

  1. Omg…I finally get a hold on my feelings and then you have to go and get them all stirred up again! My heart can’t handle all of this emotion, it’s just too much!

    I have no words for how incredible they looked…NO WORDS! Thanks for posting these pics, I hadn’t gotten a chance to see many yet.

    *sigh* I don’t want this to be it 😥

  2. I was so so so ready to take it all in Monday night…..and then the awful coverage killed my sappy buzz. I’m sincerely hoping that London today makes up for it.

    Other than the fail of only using 1 out of 9 cameras, K looked AMAZEBALLS. It is a rarity that the whole package has been 100% (either the makeup isn’t right or the hair is off) but Monday night was flaw free! Every little detail had the attention it deserved.

    Rob in his green suit…ILH. And the fact that he picked out the material and color himself, props to you my friend. Go on with your bad self!

    Like I told you the other day, body/mind is not ready to handle the aftermath of seeing the movie. But even if the movies are ending, we will still have this little piece of our forever (gah, cheesy much?). It’s something that is very undefinable and hard to put into words. I very much think that it touched something inside of us that will be impossible to match again.

    ILY madly C, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the movie.

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